Bulk Silver Coins

Bulk silver coins that were minted prior to 1965 are sold in bags of $1,000 face value and weigh about 54 pounds. Bags of 90% silver dimes and quarters contain 715 to 718 ounces of silver. Junk silver bags of  half dollars will yield up to 720 ounces. The half dollars receive less wear and will yield more silver. Bulk silver coins in bags are sold for their silver content so there is no reason to protect the individual coins. The coins are called Junk by coin collectors but are none the less an excellent precious metals investment.  Being that the coins are circulated makes them less collectible from a numismatic view. 90% silver coins have been pulled from circulation for their silver content. Bulk silver coins have lasting value in their silver content.

Bags of bulk silver coins contain about 10,000 dimes or 4,000 quarters. Now may be a great time to buy more silver. Check out the various sources of junk silver coins and shop around. You are sure to find some great investments.

Bags of  circulated coins aren’t collector quality and have value only for their silver content.Junk silver coins are a smart way to invest when the economy turns down.

The Mercury, and Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and Kennedy half dollars are certified by the U.S. to 90% silver. U.S. silver coins will always be recognized as legal tender and worth face value. Even if the price of silver were to drop the value of Junk silver coins can never go to zero. The 90% silver content ensures that they retain their monetary value. Bulk silver coins have value that no other investment can provide.

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